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Azeroth Leveling 2.0

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Going into western plaguelands is slightly different from the much drearier western plaguelands of old. At the very least the mobs are no longer clumped up so closely that a bad pull would see 5 skeletons all racing right after you, forcing you to use one of those ultimate spells in your arsenal with 5 to 10 minute cooldowns.

Western plaguelands also automatically leads in to Eastern Plaguelands, where you follow a caravan and a tiny mini storyline.

The revamped areas were quite buggy though and I had difficulties with the reworked pamela questline. For the final battle scene I gave up and simply chain healed the NPC I was supposed to protect instead of taking out the mobs.

At the very end you get a nice rocket trip all the way down to Kargath or somewhere around the badlands or so, with your rocket giving you exploration experience along the way. You can either watch the view or walk off to brew a cup of tea or coffee as it takes quite a few minutes.

Even as I was questing though I was also doing random dungeons my level, which can be pretty helpful for getting gear to plow through content. All the more so if you’re not using heirlooms or don’t have much heirlooms to start with. PUGs can sometimes be really horrible though so it helps to have a character who can heal or tank in a pinch.

Playing a ret paladin through I often ended up throwing some beefier gear and offtanking the much easier dungeon monsters and bosses when the tank left until we got a replacement. I don’t recommend using dungeons much after lvl 45 or the scarlet monastery series though as the random dungeon reward becomes outdated and is no longer worth the trouble.

Quests in the dungeon also becomes much harder to complete with PUGs like Diremaul which is more of mechanics than facerolling in the lower levels.