Occu’thar Healing

The new boss of Baradin hold that gives the equivalent of one ZA/ZG run of valor points if you do it on 25 man. (Less if you do it on 10 man) It also gives about 275 reputation with the hellscream faction.

It drops 6 pieces of epics which can include tier PVE gloves and legs or an entire gamut of ilvl 384 pvp epics that you will require conquest points to otherwise obtain. (you get 378 rep pieces from Avengers of Hyjal) Naturally its a must run every week if you’re really into either PVEing or PVPing. At this point however some less well run pugs might not be able to clear it that easily.

The overall strat goes something like during phase 1, everyone stays out of a designated area, in this picture it is the blue beacon while avoiding purplish white patches that grows in size. In phase 2 everyone would stack on the blue area while the ranged dps aoes the adds down in under 10 seconds. For phase 3 everyone moves out of the blue area and spreads out to prevent chaining.

For healing it is rather straightforward. As paladin you can beacon a tank, and just keep the hp of people up. There’s no annoying decurse mechanics here like the original Baradin Hold boss. When you see large patches of aoe damage being laid out I used holy radiance and light of dawn, but other healers like druids would have a lot more aoe heals available.

The dps only really needs about an average of 15k dps so you would quickly know whether your group is capable of doing it. Healing is more of a whack the mole in this boss strat.

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