Journey into Azeroth

Notes to self when leveling a blood elf in world of warcraft

Don’t bother finishing the whole of the tranquilien starter zone, when reaching level 20 start queuing up for instances like ragefire chasm and shadowfang keep to get an experience and gear boost.

Most of the quests for the old instances are already located at the starting area within the instance itself so it makes sense to do each instance once at least for the quest instance experience.

Knucklerot and the other huge abomination are soloable on a paladin. So is the final boss with either a bit of kiting or creative use of game mechanics

Without heirlooms but with a bit of smooth tidings in the PUG instances one could hit level 20 in about half a day of gametime or so.

This will quickly allow access to the slow 60% speed land mount!

The next leg is probably fastest if one levels in kalimdor instead of the eastern kingdoms. Took the breadcrumb to orgrimmar and went off to Ashenvale, took only quests leading to the left side of Ashenvale and slowly quested to Stonetalon mountains.

The leveling here is very fast and can take less than 30 minutes a level. Stonetalon has been reworked quite a bit and if you do some instances or use heirlooms you probably won’t need to finish the whole zone.

After stonetalon was more or less completed I made my way down to the western plaguelands which has been significantly retooled for a lower level range.

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