Occu’thar Healing

July 14th, 2011

The new boss of Baradin hold that gives the equivalent of one ZA/ZG run of valor points if you do it on 25 man. (Less if you do it on 10 man) It also gives about 275 reputation with the hellscream faction.

It drops 6 pieces of epics which can include tier PVE gloves and legs or an entire gamut of ilvl 384 pvp epics that you will require conquest points to otherwise obtain. (you get 378 rep pieces from Avengers of Hyjal) Naturally its a must run every week if you’re really into either PVEing or PVPing. At this point however some less well run pugs might not be able to clear it that easily.

The overall strat goes something like during phase 1, everyone stays out of a designated area, in this picture it is the blue beacon while avoiding purplish white patches that grows in size. In phase 2 everyone would stack on the blue area while the ranged dps aoes the adds down in under 10 seconds. For phase 3 everyone moves out of the blue area and spreads out to prevent chaining.

For healing it is rather straightforward. As paladin you can beacon a tank, and just keep the hp of people up. There’s no annoying decurse mechanics here like the original Baradin Hold boss. When you see large patches of aoe damage being laid out I used holy radiance and light of dawn, but other healers like druids would have a lot more aoe heals available.

The dps only really needs about an average of 15k dps so you would quickly know whether your group is capable of doing it. Healing is more of a whack the mole in this boss strat.

Avengers of Hyjal Rep farm

July 2nd, 2011

Update: According to a range of sources, Trash gives usual exp all the way to 5999/6000, the big trash that usually gives 50/55 will give all the way to 11999/12000, after that for the exalted ilvl 391 stuff you’ll need to kill lots and lots of firelands bosses.

If you’re a completionist and hardcore raider you’ll probably want to go on trash runs every reset day, usually tuesday/wednesday before your guild raid to farm to the soft cap at 5999 and pip it slightly over to the next tier to get access to the waist. Then every tuesday/wednesday if you want a heads up on your other guildies you can continue farming the 12000 range on the big mobs and roll on epic recipes and boes.

If you don’t have or don’t have the time to be in a full raiding guild raiding firelands, fret not. The old reputation farming days from black temple and ice crown citadel is back again. Currently you can pug a trash farm group to go into firelands to farm BoE epics, recipes and reputation. The trash are generally pretty easy if people know what they are doing and you can farm until honored reputation.

Once you go into friendly rep at 3000 you can get access to ilvl 378 cloaks which are generally a pretty big upgrade, but rather expensive to reforge into. At an additional 6000 you get honored which means ilvl 378 belts or waists, upon which you’ll find it quite tough to trash farm any further rep. Up til this point the tiny ones usually give 15-17 rep depending on rep bonuses, and the big ones give 50 or 55 if you have the guild rep bonus.

Even if you’re not in it for the rep, the drop rate for the BoE and recipes are good enough that you’ll likely see one to two drops every 1000 reputation gain or so. You can either resell then or use the 378 equipment like the Khaz Gorath trinket. If you see recipes on the Auction House below 1000 gold, and it is a good recipe you might even consider flipping it or learning it.

Firelands: Liquidating Points

June 26th, 2011

If you’re stuck with a lot of points before firelands patch hits on 28 Jun, here’s one good way to deplete them:

Buying heavenly shards with either 600 Justice Points (600 JP) or 600 Honor Points (600 HP) to ensure that your Justice + Valor is less than the cap and that your Honor + Conquest is less than the cap. But of course if it is very close then the dust is better as you would want to start off the next patch with points at the cap or as close to the cap as possible.

This is actually slightly more cost efficient than paying an extra 100 JP for a relic to disenchant into a shard. Most of the other options are not cost effective except for the Greater Celestial Essence which would vary from server to server. On my server the heavenly shard sells at a slightly better rate than the Celestial Essence.

Here the rate is about slightly more than 11 gold per 100 points. A hypnotic dust would only sell for 2-5 gold on my server.

With the next patch heavenly shards should bump slightly up in terms of price as people are more likely to disenchant relics for the purples into maelstrom combination, pushing down the price of maelstrom crystals although if there are many progression guilds on your server the demand for enchants will push maelstrom crystals up sharply too along with heavenly shards.

It is unlikely that the supply of heavenly shards will increase that dramatically as people would still need blue items as they enter heroics and people who have no need of heroics are still likely to steer away from LFG groups.

Firelands Incoming and Midsummer Fire Festival

June 22nd, 2011

The next patch with the new raid instance and the new daily hub is dropping soon on June 28! You can watch the trailer below

This probably means that the tuesday of June 28 will probably be an 8-10 hour maintenance day.

But I guess the thought on most people’s mind is that it is about time.

There are also quite some preparatory guides out there on the internet:

For Raiding Gear:

MMO Champion has the dibs on this one with their list of items available from the different sources.

You can go here for the entire compilation


For Gold Making

Warcraftecon has some articles on how markets will go here


The lightforged elementium hammer looks like a pretty good upgrade, but is pretty steep with the requirement of 8 truegold pieces and 5 chaos orb. It looks like people have to do quite a bit of random dungeons to get that since chaos orbs look to still be bop.

And while waiting for that you can join in the midsummer celebrations. A level 85 Ahune awaits you in the slave pens after you press ‘i’ and select queue for Ahune. He drops a well itemized ilvl 353 cloak for almost the entire range of possibilities and gives about 26 Justice Points or so.

No valor but the first time you do it each day gives you a chance at a pet called chip that throws snowballs at you or the Frostscythe that makes a decent addition for any of your casters without a proper epic weapon which will tide them for the next few weeks before Fireland drops. The ‘chip off the old block’ is on a rarer drop!

Completing Azeroth

June 22nd, 2011

Following that the path to 60 gets a bit more difficult as leveling up slows down. Once again I tried to mix it up by weaving some dungeons in but it turned out to be a really bad decision. It is a lot harder to off-heal or off-tank at these levels now. Furthermore it is quite a long wait to get a replacement as I guess people pretty much rush through these few levels.

At this point I had around a day’s worth of game time. Stratholme was also worth the run. It was a lot less clunkier. The good thing is that they entirely changed the quests at the badlands and it is worth a look. (Although not as hilarious as that in the hinterlands)

I was at bloodwatcher point (blood elf horde if you want to farm some reputation points) end at a digsite with ancient robots and a mini game that was rather fun. Soon after that though I decided to move on to the searing gorge.

Having a crusader enchant on your weapon was still rather helpful too even though it costs a bomb at the auction house you may be able to find a friend enchanter or a person who has farmed scarlet mobs to enchant one for you! ITts a lot cheaper if you can get righteous orbs from stratholme.

If not it is pretty pricey as you need 2 righteous orbs that can go from 20g to 80g at random times from the auction times and large brilliant shards that comes out to about the same each. A reasonable price to pay for the full thing would be just about over 300g I guess.

Without the full set of heirlooms but with a guild +10% bonus I managed to hit lvl 53 in 28 hours. Took about another hour plus or so to hit 55.

Soon I’ll be off to stonard and the blasted lands, which would take a much longer time to clear through.

Azeroth Leveling 2.0

June 9th, 2011

Going into western plaguelands is slightly different from the much drearier western plaguelands of old. At the very least the mobs are no longer clumped up so closely that a bad pull would see 5 skeletons all racing right after you, forcing you to use one of those ultimate spells in your arsenal with 5 to 10 minute cooldowns.

Western plaguelands also automatically leads in to Eastern Plaguelands, where you follow a caravan and a tiny mini storyline.

The revamped areas were quite buggy though and I had difficulties with the reworked pamela questline. For the final battle scene I gave up and simply chain healed the NPC I was supposed to protect instead of taking out the mobs.

At the very end you get a nice rocket trip all the way down to Kargath or somewhere around the badlands or so, with your rocket giving you exploration experience along the way. You can either watch the view or walk off to brew a cup of tea or coffee as it takes quite a few minutes.

Even as I was questing though I was also doing random dungeons my level, which can be pretty helpful for getting gear to plow through content. All the more so if you’re not using heirlooms or don’t have much heirlooms to start with. PUGs can sometimes be really horrible though so it helps to have a character who can heal or tank in a pinch.

Playing a ret paladin through I often ended up throwing some beefier gear and offtanking the much easier dungeon monsters and bosses when the tank left until we got a replacement. I don’t recommend using dungeons much after lvl 45 or the scarlet monastery series though as the random dungeon reward becomes outdated and is no longer worth the trouble.

Quests in the dungeon also becomes much harder to complete with PUGs like Diremaul which is more of mechanics than facerolling in the lower levels.

Journey into Azeroth

June 7th, 2011

Notes to self when leveling a blood elf in world of warcraft

Don’t bother finishing the whole of the tranquilien starter zone, when reaching level 20 start queuing up for instances like ragefire chasm and shadowfang keep to get an experience and gear boost.

Most of the quests for the old instances are already located at the starting area within the instance itself so it makes sense to do each instance once at least for the quest instance experience.

Knucklerot and the other huge abomination are soloable on a paladin. So is the final boss with either a bit of kiting or creative use of game mechanics

Without heirlooms but with a bit of smooth tidings in the PUG instances one could hit level 20 in about half a day of gametime or so.

This will quickly allow access to the slow 60% speed land mount!

The next leg is probably fastest if one levels in kalimdor instead of the eastern kingdoms. Took the breadcrumb to orgrimmar and went off to Ashenvale, took only quests leading to the left side of Ashenvale and slowly quested to Stonetalon mountains.

The leveling here is very fast and can take less than 30 minutes a level. Stonetalon has been reworked quite a bit and if you do some instances or use heirlooms you probably won’t need to finish the whole zone.

After stonetalon was more or less completed I made my way down to the western plaguelands which has been significantly retooled for a lower level range.

Hello world!

May 31st, 2011

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